"Melted Candy" by Uncivilized

Melted Candy is a four-song EP from the psych-jazz collective Uncivilized, which has "its own fuzzy, folky, big-hearted thing" (The New York Times), playing what the Village Voice referred to as "gothic Americana". Technically the group’s first release under this collaborative moniker (the 2014 LP Uncivilized was under the bandleader’s own name, but has since morphed into his big band project) Melted Candy offers four different ways to hear the band, with several different hard-to-pin-down-yet-oddly-specific instrumentations and/or versions of the band, each one bearing the stamp of the group’s unique sound.

The music — as well as Csatari’s other unique projects and vagabond guitar playing — “needs no introduction” (Impose Magazine), and boldly bridges the gap between noisey dream pop and folky Chamber Jazz, with soaring melodies, jangly percussion, wild banshee guitars and fluttery flute playing sprinkled on top. Think Charles Mingus meets John Scofield and John Fahey, played by a group of hipsters, or maybe an early, twangier Pat Metheny Group.

Tom Csatari on "Melted Candy":
“The name 'Melted Candy' is about the elusive swing time feel and its post-apocalyptic, otherworldly essences. Music is like sorting through garbage (something I do for money) — it’s thick and messy and you gotta’ dive in and get dirty.”