Village Voice -on- Uncivilized (led by Tom Csatari)

"...lovely melodies, gentle vamps, and thoughtful soloing are subject to entropy and decay..."

"...melodies often devolve into free-jazz Dixieland reminiscent of the Grateful Dead, with the percussionists serving as perpetual squeaky wheels on a machine rambling nonchalantly into gothic Americana."


Lucid Culture Music -on- Uncivilized

"Guitarist Tom Csatari writes some of the most distinctive and thoughtfully compelling music of any composer in New York right now."

"Csatari distinguished himself from the legions of hipper-than-thou jazz guitarists out there in that he’s not afraid of melody and doesn’t feel constrained to play stereotypical jazz voicings or use complicated harmony where a simple major or minor, or a spare, gently emphatic phrase would make more of a point."