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Uncivilized - Barbès residency 1 of 3

Led by composer and guitarist Tom Csatari (distantly related to Gabor Szabo), Uncivilized features players from New York’s jazz, folk, pop and experimental corners. It plays song-based music that’s pastoral and foremost raw. The imperfections — and risk-filled surprises — enhance an element that’s indescribable in the songs, which hints at something deceptively simple, unique, and local — but definitely not definable. With tints of 70s folk-jazz, bebop, and American Primitive, Uncivilized mark out their own corner on the fringes of American Music, operating with what the New York Times calls “its own, fuzzy, folky, big-hearted thing”. That “thing,” among other principles, manifests as a romping groove vessel with strings, percussion, clarinets, and flutes to tell their earthen trance stories — Csatari’s vagabond guitar at the helm.


Residency Dates*


Sun 6/19 @ Barbès in Park Slope, Brooklyn (two sets) 7pm

Fri 7/29 @ Barbès in Park Slope, Brooklyn (two sets) 8pm

Thurs 8/18 @ Barbès in Park Slope, Brooklyn (two sets) 10pm


*Additional Show: 7/1 @ Aviv in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (one set) 8pm


Kind Words


“… carefully layered … organized dissonance, loose concision, meticulous roughness … which makes it special …The players were after resonance and a communal feeling.”

— Ben Ratliff, The New York Times


“otherworldly … with great Charles Lloyd-like flutes.”

— Brian Chidester, The Deli


“hypnotic post-Velvets meets 70s blaxploitation soundtrack meets chamber noir.“

— Alan Young, Lucid Culture


“… orchestrations of controlled micro-doses of chaos”

— Sjimon Gompers, Impose Magazine


“Spirited, tempestuous, rootsy, Americana-replete chamber music. A real chimera of a group … instrumental music that has the voice of folksong.”

— Dominic Mekky, composer and pianist